Urgent & Primary Care

Dr. Balwinder Singh, MD


Absolutely amazing! They apologized for the long wait (10 minutes) and let me know they'd be another 5 minutes. They then took care and tread lightly with my timid 4 year old making sure to ease her mind so that she could be examined. While I hope that I don't need to go back anytime soon, it was well worth the 35 minute drive. Great doctor who explained things well and really cared about us. 5 stars for sure!


I've always had bad experiences with doctors..they always seemed to brush me off and just prescribed me medication to shut me up and never wanted to take the time and listen to how I was feeling. After that I told myself I'd never go to the doctors again..and then today happened. I went into this clinic nervous and scared because I was feeling ear trouble and I didn't think I'd be taken seriously yet again BUT that was not the case here. Not only was I taken seriously and felt so welcomed by the staff but Dr. Singh is such a caring and just straight up nice man that no wonder he is such a great doctor as well. He was patient and actually listened to how I felt. Definitely the place I'd turn to first if I ever need to see a doctor again. Hands down a beautiful soul.

Staphany I.

I love this place. I will go here for most common ailments that I have a good idea what it is anyway. But with the added comfort that the doctor will confirm it or perhaps run a test to confirm. Plus your wait time here is mere minutes and they have great hours. But this place is what it is - dont go here if you have a critical emergency. That said, I only visit this office for all of my routine doc visits. I dont remember the name of my primary physician anymore.
Love it.

James g.